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Welcome to Bohra Driving School - Best Driving School in Hyderabad

Amazing Driving School is the standard school in the city of pearls since 1989 Hyderabad. We aim to revolutionize the way you learn to drive the fantastic vehicles of yours and travel round the globe. Our sole mission is to create safe drivers and decrease the number of road accidents that cause a lot of human and monitory losses, thus, playing a safe strategy.

Bohra Driving School includes young, energetic and super talented drivers laid out by a mission to create safe drivers under their guidance. Our team’s ability to work relentlessly and ensure high quality service to our customers has made us the best in the city of Hyderabad.

With the huge demand of buying expensive cars and learning them, to the existence of the driving schools, the school of yesterday is a bygone now. With a very sophisticated and professional process flow and maintenance, Reddy driving school strives to create a buzz which is new and fresh with safety measures on boarded first.

If you are planning to buy an expensive vehicle with your hard earned money and would like to be safe always while you are on road, then consider us always in making you a professional and a happy driver. We aim to keep the family’s safe, the driver safe and ultimately the car safe with our advanced and sophisticated methodologies and variants.

For teens, getting their license is a milestone. For parents, it’s an opportunity. At Bondurant, with our Teen Defensive Driving program, we instill the fundamental habits of safe, controlled driving that new drivers can build upon for years to come.

Our Teen Defensive Driving program builds skill and confidence within your new driver, with an understanding of car control, active driving, and awareness. With Safety in mind, this course includes our Accident Avoidance exercise, Skid Control and ABS Braking exercises. This isn’t just a great experience for your teen – it’s the gift of peace of mind for you.

Students are required to have a valid driver’s license and a minimum of six months driving experience to participate in Teen Defensive Driving. Parents must accompany minors upon check-in. The Bondurant Teen Defensive Driving program is the most fun a teen can have while learning these important skills.

Our Goal is to Make You a Responsible and Safe  Driver

Driving in Hyderabad can be nerve-wracking. One of the largest cities in the world also has the largest variety of driving styles. At Super Driving School, we make certain that you are ready for the Hyderabad driving experience. Super Driving School of Hyderabad City has always strived to provide all students with the best tools and instructions to become safe and law abiding drivers.


Our licensed by state of Hyderabad driving instructors have professional drivers background with over 25 years of driving experience. Students graduating from our school help make Hyderabad City a better and a safer place for driving.

Caring and polite nature of our private driving instructors make them one of the best in the driving school business. Our driving lessons have all components you will utilize at driving test time and also on a daily basis. Our proprietary driving lesson training methods are one of the most successful in the driving school business.


During the practical driving lessons, Hyderabad City student drivers will obtain easy to follow guidance from our private driving instructors and are able to apply them with ease and confidence.

Our goal at Super Driving School of Hyderabad is to make our driving school students pass the Hyderabad Driving Test along with instilling the importance of safe and defensive driving. Students who graduate from US ONE Driving School of Hyderabad City are competent, defensive and confident drivers who will be ready to handle any type of roads in any condition and any part of the world, especially in Hyderabad City.

Intensive Course Experts - Express Pass with us!

The Intensive Courses Experts is one of the leading companies in the Hyderabad specialising in providing a top quality service to instructors and learner drivers.


With over 12 years experience in driver training industry we have became an experts in our field!


We are partners with endless numbers of  fully qualified professional driving instructors from across the country, acting on their behalf and providing pupil’s with the course which is most suitable to their needs. 

The intensive courses offer an alternative to the traditional method of one or two lessons per week and have become more and more popular and highly demanded by pupils therefore we have decided to turn our focus to them and have became very successful at it. We are providing intensive courses all around the Hyderabad.


Our professional and dedicated team is waiting for you to get in touch seven days a week! Just go to the “Course recommender” on our website, answer a couple questions and we will select the course which is most suitable for you at the price which you won’t find anywhere else! 

Why Choose our Driving School?

Free Access to our online App where your instructor will record your lesson progress, you can watch videos of your last lesson or upcoming lesson plan and more

Local driving instructor who knows your area well, knows the test routes well and they have passed a recent drive Aamir audit inspection.

All of our instructors have a minimum feedback score of 4.5 out of 5. You can rate your instructors performance after each lesson too via the App.

Our bookings team are open 7 days a week, they can assist with any additional queries and even find you driving tests quickly if you are in a rush to pass fast!

As a large established driving school in Hyderabad, we pride ourselves on the many positive reviews we receive every year.

Our instructors are all rated a minimum of 4.5/5 online and over the years we have gained an excellent reputation which continues to grow.

Intensive Driving Courses in Hyderabad

We offer weekly, semi-intensive and intensive driving courses in Hyderabad. Living in the hustle and bustle of Hyderabad, we understand that many learners want to pass fast.

At Drive Aamir, we do our intensive courses a bit differently from our competitors. Firstly, we will book you in for a 2-hour assessment lesson and then choose a course type to suit you.

No matter what level you’re at, our approved driving instructor will tell you how many hours you need, how much it will cost and when to book the test.

We recommend to book either an assessment or the 10-hour block booking deal. After seeing you, we will tailor a crash driving course in Hyderabad that works for you!

Learning to drive in Hyderabad can seem scary, with busy roads, lots of traffic and different junctions to get used to. Therefore, it’s important you choose to learn with an experienced driving school in Hyderabad.

We have been teaching people to drive in London for over 10 years and have one of the highest first time pass rates (over double the national average)!

Our driving instructors are fully qualified and personally approved by Drive Aamir. We keep our standards high and only use the best, local driving instructors.

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